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Articles saying music theory is difficult and not worth learning

Magic, Muggles And Music:

Why Harry Potter Isn’t A Model Guitar Player Is that

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Musical Timing – Loose Timing Makes Metal Weak

More than any other style of music, heavy metal music

Why The CAGED System Is Killing Your Guitar Playing

CAUTION: If you are a guitar player who uses the

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Ever go a long period of time without practicing guitar?

The Five Elements Of A Successful Music Career

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Answer This: How are climbing to the summit of the

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Every guitar player shares the same fundamental goal: ‘To play

Music Career Questions You Should NOT Be Asking

I am contacted frequently by aspiring professional musicians with tons

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FACT: The majority of guitar instructors accept being mediocre in

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Want to make a lot more money in your guitar

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John Petrucci is well known for his fast guitar playing

How Making Fast Progress Can Hold You Back As A Guitar Player

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