Metal Guitar Licks

Metal Guitar Licks

Heavy Metal Guitar Licks: Neo-classical, Guitar Arpeggios, Pentatonic Blues, Harmonic Minor, Yngwie Malmsteen Style and Van-Halen Style guitar licks with tablature and video examples. New licks will be added frequently so check back often.

Slide Into Pentatonic Blues Arpeggio

Sliding into a Pentatonic Blues Arpeggio ending on a flat

Guitar Techniques – Tremolo bar (Wiggle Stick) Bend

Depressing the Tremolo bar just as you start to bend

Guitar Techniques – Slide Arpeggios

Slide Arpeggios are a great technique for blending your Arpeggios

Metal Licks – Portrait of Evil

Heavy metal solo using pentatonic blues and natural minor aeolian

Heavy Metal Licks – Forcing the Major 3rd

Guitar solo in the Phrygian Minor scale mode.

Diary of a Madman Guitar Solo – Randy Rhoads Style

Randy Rhoads guitar solo from Diary of a Madman

Minor & Pentatonic Minor Blues Mixed Guitar Lick

guitar lick in the key of A minor uses a

Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar Lick #2

This Neo-Classical Yngwie Malmsteen inspired guitar lick uses the A

Guitar Arpeggios Lick #1

Video Guitar Lesson using arpeggios with the natural minor scale.

Pentatonic Minor Blues Scale Guitar Lick #2

Pentatonic minor blues scale guitar lick in the key of

Pentatonic Minor Blues Scale Guitar Lick #1

Video guitar lesson using the Pentatonic minor blues scale in

Eddie Van-Halen Style Guitar Lick #1

Video - Eddie Van-Halen inspired Pentatonic scale guitar lick.

Harmonic Minor Diminished Lick #1

Video guitar lesson, diminished sounding heavy metal guitar lick

Yngwie Malmsteen Style Guitar Lick #1

Video guitar lesson demonstrating an Yngwie Malmsteen inspired Neo-Classical guitar

Harmonic Minor Guitar Lick in E

Video guitar lesson demonstrating a guitar lick using the harmonic