Music Theory

Music Theory

Music theory including guitar scales, chords, scale modes all will audio & video examples.

Unlocking From The Caged Guitar Theory Part 6

Pentatonic Is Different Than Caged The pentatonic scale system has

Getting Out Of The Guitar CAGED System Part 5

Learning The Right Scale System Have you been taught more

Getting Out Of The Guitar CAGED System

Part 4: Loosening the Digits Have you been utilizing the

Escaping the CAGED guitar Part 3:

"Logic” Behind Fretboard Division" Have you been learning new scale

Unlocking From The CAGED Guitar Theory Part 2

The Mechanical Scales And Arpeggios "Programming languages teach you to

Unlocking From The CAGED Guitar Theory Part 1

Is CAGED the best system to learn guitar scales and

Octave Patterns

The octave pattern is not as user-friendly for learning to

A simple guide to outing bogus music theory

Music theory isn’t learning how to write down different notes,

Outside Notes In Metal Guitar

If you are wondering how modern metal players use all

Fun Intervals: How To Create Original Guitar Licks

You think intervals are boring? See how one of the

A Better Blues Rhythm via Tritone Substitution

Aren’t you tired of playing always the same old 12-bar

Advanced Dominant Chords for Blues Guitar

A lot has been written on Blues soloing, but preciously

3 Note Sequence Ideas For Lead Guitar

3-Note Sequence Ideas For Lead Guitar In this lesson you will

Guitar Harmonies In Hard Rock And Heavy Metal

Guitar harmonies in hard rock and heavy metal are a

Dropped-D Rhythm Guitar Patterns

We have to do something to pass the time in

Basic Guitar Chords (beginner)

This guitar lesson uses interactive guitar chords example that includes

Pentatonic Minor Blues Scale

The Pentatonic minor blues scale can be thought of as

Pentatonic Minor Guitar Scale Continued

The other 4 positions The Pentatonic minor scale has five

Pentatonic Minor Scale

The Pentatonic minor scale is a five note scale. It

Natural Minor Guitar Scale Exercises

Natural Minor Guitar Scale Exercises

Natural Minor Scale

This guitar lesson will focus on one of the more

Guitar Lesson – Major Scale Chord Structure – Chord Deconstruction

Guitar chord triads example. The following chord triads example

Guitar Lesson – Chords in the C Major Guitar Scale

C Major Chord Diagrams Guitar Lesson Notes Every

Major Scale Modes – C Major Scale Expanded

Scale mode diagrams and tablature Ionian Scale Mode

Guitar Lesson – C Major Guitar Scale

  Guitar Lesson Notes The C major scale

Diagonal Pentatonic Scale Patterns

As a teacher I find that many of the intermediate

Pentamodal Idea

Note: Prior knowledge of the five Minor Pentatonic box patterns

Pentatonic Guitar Scales

For more on the Pentatonic minor scale, please visit "Pentatonic

Guitar Scales Modes

The guitar scales modes in example #1 are comprised of

Double Picking on Purpose to Build Accuracy

As a player starts to work on building speed, right

Guitar Scales and Chord Triads Lesson

When playing or writing a song most of your work