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String Skipping, Speed Bursts for Metal Guitar

Perfect for metal heads. Learn string skipping, speed bursts, and

Compression Effects Pedal

Learn how to properly use a compression pedal.

Your First Open Chords

Learn to play the open chords.

The Basics of Electric Guitar

Learn the parts of the guitar, string directions, tuning, holding

Learning the “A” Chord

Eve Goldberg introduces the "A" chord.

Introduction to Blues

Hawkeye Herman introduces the blues. He explains the 12 bar

Metal Guitar Counterpoint – A Shift in Normalcy

This lesson is about the concept of counterpoint and harmony.

Guitar Warmups and Finger Exercises

Erik demonstrates how he gets warmed up. He also shows

Playing Rhythm Like The Masters: James Hetfield

This lesson teaches you how to play rhythm guitar

AC/DC Artist Study: Angus Young Licks

Guitar Tricks instructor Prashant Aswani takes you through some

Blues – Advanced Improvisation Concepts

This is a lesson about advanced improvisation concepts on

Ska Guitar 101

Ska is a style of music that can be

Acoustic Fingerpicking for Beginners Lesson 1a

This four-step fingerpicking pattern is a powerful building block

Playing Rhythm Like The Masters: Keith Richards

In this lesson we break down Keith Richards (From

Metal Guitar Techniques – Down Picking Endurance Exercises

Learn down picking techniques using a riff from "Ovum", a

Metal Guitar Techniques – Economy Picking

Emil Werstler: Metal Guitar Techniques - Economy Picking The Little