Steve Stevens Interview

Guitarist Steve Stevens - Interview

Steve Stevens is a highly acclaimed American guitarist known for his exceptional skills and versatility in the world of rock music. Born on May 5, 1959, in Brooklyn, New York, he rose to prominence as the lead guitarist for the iconic rock singer Billy Idol. Stevens’ signature style blends elements of rock, punk, and blues, characterized by his virtuosic playing, inventive solos, and a distinctive use of effects. Beyond his work with Billy Idol, he has collaborated with various artists, composed film scores, and released solo albums, showcasing his wide-ranging musical talent. Steve Stevens remains a respected figure in the guitar world, celebrated for his influential contributions to rock music.

Steve’s lessons on JamPlay include:

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  1. Rock Improvisation
  2. Blues Backing Improvisation
  3. Steve’s Warmup Exercises
  4. Alternate Picking Exercises
  5. Whammy Bar Techniques
  6. Performance And Band Tips
  7. Song Writing Tips
  8. Steve’s Gear And Recording Philosophy

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