Yvette Young Guitar Course

Guitarist Yvette Young holding her guitar

Guitarist Yvette Young with a new guitar course at JamPlay, learn how to write compositions for the guitar. Yvette Young is a talented guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter known for her innovative and emotive approach to music. Born on January 28, 1991, she gained prominence in the instrumental and math rock scenes. Yvette is best recognized for her exceptional fingerstyle guitar technique, combining intricate tapping, percussive elements, and melodic sensibilities to create a unique and captivating sound. She is also the frontwoman and guitarist for the band Covet, where her creative compositions and expressive guitar work shine. Yvette Young continues to inspire guitarists and music enthusiasts with her distinctive style and musical artistry.

This guitar course includes:

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  • Introduction to open tunings,
  • Introduction to complex fingerpicking patterns.
  • Compound time signatures.
  • Combining techniques to add sonic texture
  • Two-handed tapping techniques
  • + Much more

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