Guitar Tuning (how to tune a guitar without a tuner)

Tuning the Guitar, the most important thing you can learn. An introduction to tuning and how to tune a guitar without a tuner, standard relative tuning and relative tuning with harmonics plus, 11 guitar tuning tips are featured here.

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Tuning the guitar

Tuning The Guitar (Your first step in sounding better)

Tuning the guitar properly is the most important thing to learn when learning to play the guitar. If your guitar is out of tune nothing you play will sound good. I once heard an early bootleg tape of Van Halen and during the performance Eddies guitar got knocked out of tune. Even with a player…

Guitar Tuning Tips - Classical guitar tuning keys.

10 Guitar Tuning Tips

Guitar tuning is something most new guitar players and even some experienced ones have trouble with. Staying in tune and playing in tune is vital to sounding as good as possible. I'll try listing here some of the common tuning mistakes and there solutions.

Guitar neck diagram - Tuning A to Low-E string

Guitar Tuning With Harmonics

Tuning the guitar using harmonics is a bit more accurate than the standard tuning method. In this lesson you will first learn how to create a harmonic and then use this technique to tune your guitar

Guitar neck diagram tune B to G string. G fretted on 4th fret, B string played open.

Relative Tuning Method for Guitar

Start by tuning one string of the guitar to the corresponding note on another instrument. On this page, you can tune your A string to the