Metal Licks – Portrait of Evil

Author: Edward Cupler

This guitar solo uses both the Pentatonic & Natural Minor (Aeolian mode) guitar scales in the key of B minor. Though most of the solo that was recorded for the song uses a straight natural minor scale, during the improv part I use the Pentatonic scale with the flat 5th which I think adds a bit of depth.

Portrait Of Evil - Guitar Solo
Guitar Licks Video Examples

Lick #1

This guitar lick starts on the 7th fret using the aeolian scale mode.

Lick #2

Start with a half step bend & release at the B string 7th fret. Be sure to use a bit of vibrato on the last note.

Lick #3

Slide up to the F# on the G string, 11th fret and descend from there all notes are played on the G string.

Lick #4

Reminiscent of the style made popular by Chuck Berry. Start this lick with a whole step bend on the G string at the 9th fret the proceed to the next two strings fretted at the 7th fret using your index finger. End with a whole step bend on the B string at the 10th fret.

Lick #5

This seemingly simple guitar lick requires getting the 1 and 1/2 step bend right. I suggest playing the b to d note interval straight a few times to first get the sound of the interval in your head before using a bend to create it.

Lick #6

This guitar lick starts out as a B minor arpeggio. Slide up to the 9th fret on the D string then hammer on the 12th fret. The next two notes F# (11th fret G string) & B (12th fret B string) are picked. Slide up a whole step from the B to the C# (14th fret B string) to end the arpeggio and proceed up the B string to complete th lick with a whole step bend.

Lick #7

This guitar lick also starts as a B minor arpeggio. The first 3 notes are B, D and F# which are the notes that make a B minor triad.

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