One Simple Skill Every Lead Guitar Player Should Know

Author: Tommaso Zillio

How do you tell a novice guitar player from an expert? One of the first things you can do is take a look at their practicing. An expert will know that practicing more challenging things does not necessarily make you a better player.

As a beginner guitar player, I was convinced that the only things I needed to concern myself with playing was advanced sweep picking, complicated solos, and other complex techniques.

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However, as I continued learning, I began to notice how simple changes in my playing generally had the biggest impact. This became most apparent when I began teaching and could hear what it was that most effectively improved a guitarists sound.

What I found was that the best guitar playing has little to do with how challenging their technique is. Instead, it has to do with the essential basics that are often neglected by many guitar players. The unfortunate thing about this is that when guitarists make their playing more difficult than it needs to be, they are more likely to give up on playing all together.

The good thing is that once you realize that the hard way isn’t always the best way, you can begin to make a positive change on your practice habits. Take it back to the basics.

What do I mean exactly about “the basics”? Well there are a few things that are going to have the biggest impact on your sound as a guitar player and they are:

  1. Developing a good vibrato
  2. Keeping solid time throughout your playing
  3. Playing bends that are in tune

While you can look forward to videos coming out on all three of these very important aspects, today we are going to be focusing on the last one. I can promise you that by taking the time to practice playing your bends in tune, it will make a world of difference in your sound.

I know that some of you are going to try to tell me how bending out of tune applies to certain kinds of music. But to you I say hey, just watch the video first!

Can you hear the difference simply bending in tune can make? And its easy to play this for yourself, as long as you take the time practice it for a little bit every day. I promise you will be able to hear an improvement in your playing in no time.

About the Author

Tommaso Zillio is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Visit Tommaso’s site to know more about music theory for guitar

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