How To Incorporate The Whammy Bar, Pinch Harmonics, And More Into Your Guitar Playing

Author: Tommaso Zillio

When playing an instrument, there is much more to it than hitting the right notes. Depending on the instrument you are using, there are a variety of techniques and textures you can add to really enhance your sound.

When first learning about the electric guitar, often times what seems to happen is people tend to get way too caught up in focusing on scales and chords. Players will fixate way to much on getting the basic theory down, and not enough time on truly exploring the instrument that is right in front of them. Generally, these are the same players that refuse to acknowledge the fun they could be having with the whammy bar.

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For some reason, there are people out there that disregard just how much people love whammy bar tricks. Whether you like it or not, once you throw the whammy bar into your solo, people will start to lose their minds.

Not all instruments are built equal. I am assuming there is a reason you chose the electric guitar over something like a piano, or saxophone. So it is about time you start using your guitar like a guitar!

This isn’t to say there there is nothing to be learned from these other instruments. I am also not trying to say that you should stop learning about scales and chords (in fact you can find an entire course about this on my website…). But sometimes there is a place for this more technical knowledge, and sometimes all you need to do is melt some faces.

If we have learned anything from the great rock players of our time it’s that the noise you get from distortion isn’t a bad thing. It is an opportunity. What are you able to do with it? Can you make it musical in some way? Can you blow your audience away with it? Damn right you can.

Watch the following video in which I explain a few fun and easy whammy bar tricks for you to destroy your audience with at your next show.

This is only a small selection of what the whammy bar is capable of. So go ahead and pick up your guitar and see what kind of noises you can create!

About the Author

Tommaso Zillio is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Visit Tommaso’s site to know more about music theory for guitar and visit his YouTube channel for more videos

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