Spice Up Your Chord Progressions With 3Rd Inversion Chords

Author: Tommaso Zillio

There are only a handful of chords in a key. How can we write new music with just these basic chords?

We could go the pop way: we just reuse the same old chord progressions over and over, and we try to make them sound different using rhythm, new tones on that synth, different lyrics, etc.

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It’s a solution – you may like it or not but it’s pop(uplar)

Or there is the ‘jazz solution’: let’s change key often.

Or there is the classical music solution: let’s go out of key with chromatic chords, while mostly keeping the same tonal center.

(Yes, I’m stereotyping the heck out of this)

What if you don’t like any of these solutions?

Well, then you need to learn how to use old chords in a new way – that sounds different. So here are a few videos to help you.

The first one is on third inversion chords. Yeah, I know they sound ominous, but they are quite simple, and they have not been used that much yet. Here you have some space to do something original yourself:

On the second video we show first inversion triads.

These ARE much more popular and they have been used a lot. and yet, they still sound special and when you use them in the right place they totally hit the spot.

Finally, here we have some other lesser used chordal options.

These are more along the Classical way of “let’s get out of key but not too much”, but they do NOT sound classical unless you want them to:

Lot’s of good stuff today, so have fun with it :-)

About the Author

Tommaso Zillio is a prog rock guitarist and teacher with a passion for Music Theory applied to Guitar. To know more do not forget to subscribe to his youtube channel.

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