Barre Chords Made Easy

Author: Paul Kleff

Barre chords usually put fear in the hearts of beginning guitar players. When I was starting out on guitar I tried to avoid playing songs that had barre chords. The problem I had was most of the songs I wanted to play used them. Since I was into rock and metal there was no avoiding the barre chord issue.

So how were barre chords going to become manageable? I tried to solve the problem by just flat out pressing my fingers down as hard as I possibly could. I took the “crab claw” shape of my fret hand and tried to muscle the notes of the chord into submission.

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It didn’t work. The chords didn’t sound good, I couldn’t move my hand up and down the neck, and my hand was too tired to play after about 30 seconds of effort.

The way to get effortless and great sounding barre chords is to get your fret hand in the correct position. Specifically, the placement of your fret hand thumb makes all the difference—a small change in your thumb position can take you from frustration to awesome in just a few minutes.

This lesson video will help you get the best fret hand position so that you can easily play barre chords and have them sound great.

This video shows you exactly how to get your hand in the right position. Barre chords will become your best friend and your metal guitar riffing will become legendary:

About the Author

Paul Kleff is a rock guitarist and instructor teaching online beginner guitar lessons and in the rock and metal guitar lesson programs at his music school in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. He has played as a touring guitarist with Metal Church and recorded with the band FireWolfe.

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