The Most Important Thing In Music Theory

Author: Tommaso Zillio

If you were to teach a person ONE and only one thing about music theory, what would you teach them? I’m curious of you answers in the comments!

For me, the requirements would be:

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  • It must be something actually useful. Something that the person will actually use in their musical life. Otherwise what’s the point?

  • It should be something that every musician (or guitarist) must know.

  • It should be something easy that can be grasped immediately.

(Essentially, I’m searching for the most ‘bang for the buck’ idea in music theory)

So, I have my opinion on what is this most important idea, and you will find it in the video below.

"But why, oh, why don’t you write WHAT this idea is in the article? Why do I have to click on the video to know it?"

Well, because I want your untainted opinion on what is the most important idea in music theory for you before I tell you my opinion! (Thanks to everybody who will comment!)

Where do you go after this video?

Well, if you now find yourself more curious about music theory and what it can do for you, here’s a great starting point to understand it: a video on the super basic of music theory.

This is a very short video, definitely NOT the "please fry my brain with a lot of things I don’t understand" style of video that is so popular lately. No, the video below is for people who actually want to understand and use theory:

And after that, why don’t we add a few more sounds to your palette?

Most musicians use just triads in their songs (i.e. 3-notes chords). While I love the sound of triads, they can be quite limiting at times.

You can add more interesting sounds to your playing by learning also 7th chords (4-notes chords). They are as easy as triads, and definitely sound different:


About the Author

Tommaso Zillio is a prog rock guitarist and teacher with a passion for Music Theory applied to Guitar. To know more do not forget to subscribe to his youtube channel.

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