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Author: Tommaso Zillio

The Most Basic Chord (And Why You Don’t Know How To Use It)

What is the most basic chord ever?

Seriously, take some time to think about it (YES, of course it’s a trick question!)

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Found the answer?

Here it is: it’s the first chord of the key. That is to say, in the key of G major, the most basic chord in G major, and in the key of E minor the most basic chord in Em.

(I told you it was a trick question!)

But just because this chord is BASIC, it does not mean that it’s EASY to use properly. In fact even a passing glance at music written by professionals or by beginner songwriters reveals a profound difference in how it is used.

You know what is the funny thing about it? That as a songwriter gains more and more experience, they will tell you that ‘their taste evolved’ and now they are writing in different ways and their songs sound better…

… and it often simply boils down at how they use the first chord of the key!!

It’s a chord that is so easy to underestimate, and yet it can make or break your song.

If I’m tickling your curiosity, then have a look at the video below. And if I’m not, I’m sure that this website will offer you something else to fix your daily craving of info and news. Have fun!

About the Author

Tommaso Zillio is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Visit Tommaso’s site to know more about music theory for guitar and visit his YouTube channel for more videos

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