Unlocking From The Caged Guitar Theory Part 6

Author: Ed Cupler

Pentatonic Is Different Than Caged

The pentatonic scale system has 5 patterns for the guitar. The CAGED scale system also has 5 patterns (in most cases). This fact usually tricks people into thinking that the CAGED and pentatonic system are somehow the same thing. A little further research into the two will tell you this is absolutely not the case.

Recently I received an interesting message saying quote, “Don’t you know that the pentatonic scales and the CAGED system fit together perfectly together?” While they did say together twice in one sentence, it doesn’t really make it more true.

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The fact that the pentatonic and CAGED system both have the same amount of patterns is not enough to prove that they are identical systems. If this was how it worked, you could make the same argument for having the same amount of fingers as toes (though we would never argue that feet and hands serve the same function).

The pentatonic scale can be used exclusively (without knowing anything about CAGED) to learn how to play and improvise. Which goes to show just how the two are scale systems are different.

If you are about to tell me how everything that is played on the fretboard of a guitar is related to CAGED in some way, hold off until you see my next video ;)

If you are a person well versed in CAGED you are probably about to point out how many of the patterns in each system overlap and, because of this, must be related. Well you are right, they are related. However, not exactly in the way you might think. It is a great first step to recognize how the two relate in order to see where CAGED falls short.

Whether you are someone looking to get better at using the pentatonic scale system, or you are someone who believes that pentatonic is the same as CAGED, go ahead and watch the following video. I discuss how exactly the CAGED and pentatonic scale system are related, and how you can use this information to better your future practice.

From this video, what you can gather is that there isn’t much good coming from the CAGED system. Now you know where it all started, and even then it was really just an alright system to use. Once you have learned what I explained in this video, you literally know that is useful to know about the CAGED system.

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Tommaso Zillio is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Visit Tommaso’s site to know more about music theory for guitar

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