Writing Chord Progressions With Negative Harmony

Author: Tommaso Zillio

Scared by Negative Harmony? Don’t worry: it’s actually not as complex as it seems at first sight.

Negative Harmony is not a new idea, but it’s been popularized recently on social media. Everybody talks about it… but very few are actually explaining how to use it in practice.

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As a result, I see that most people who want to learn it come away with the idea that they are not smart enough, or that Negative Harmony is too complex… let’s change that!

Negative Harmony, at its core, is in fact a very simple idea that allows a musician to write interesting chord progressions. If you can play a few chords on your guitar, then you are ready to learn Negative Harmony.

By the time you are done with the video below (YES, it’s a bit long…) you will know how to use Negative Harmony to create YOUR chord progressions.

Easier than you thought, huh? Now it’s your turn: make some music with it!

About the Author

Tommaso Zillio is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Visit Tommaso’s site to know more about music theory for guitar and visit his YouTube channel for more videos

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