4 Mistakes You Must Abandon To Think Of Better Songwriting Ideas

Author: Ryan Buckner

Author: Ryan Buckner

Electric Guitar MusicThe key to writing music that sounds exactly the way you want it to is being constantly inspired with tons of great songwriting ideas. However, before you can do this, you must overcome several songwriting mistakes that will limit your creativity and leave you with a bad case of writer’s block.

Here are the two steps to take now in order to quickly think of great ideas for writing a song:

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Step Number One – Begin by studying this free resource about how to create great music. With this resource, you will discover the solutions to many issues that currently hold you back in your songwriting.

Step Number Two – Once you have downloaded the previously mentioned resource, read through the remainder of this article to learn the four biggest mistakes that may be limiting your creative potential right now (use both the article and the resource together to get the very maximum benefit).

Now that you have downloaded the songwriting resource from above, continue reading through the points below to learn the four mistakes that keep songwriters from thinking of good ideas for writing a song:

Mistake One – Not Saying Anything Through Your Music

Part of what makes music so powerful is its ability to express specific ideas and emotions that the listener can connect to. It is for this reason that you are severely limiting yourself as a songwriter when you do not take the time to think about what you want to ‘express’ BEFORE you get started coming up with ideas for a song. It is common for musicians to ‘only’ focus on writing cool sounding chord progressions or melodies. However, this approach almost always causes them to quickly run out of ideas because they have no true ‘foundation’ for what they are writing. Of course you can write cool ideas here and there by only focusing on the musical aspects, but you can create endless ideas for songwriting once you know ‘what’ you want to express in the first place.

Whenever you go to write a new song, invest time into thinking about the specific thoughts, ideas and emotions you want to express in your music. By doing this, you will greatly enhance your ability to think of new ideas for songwriting because you have narrowed down your options for ‘anything’ to one specific topic. For example, once you know that you want to write a song that expresses the emotion of ‘anger’ it will be much easier to think of ideas for your music because this emotion lends itself to various musical techniques such as using faster rhythms, involving dissonant harmony and so forth.

Mistake Two – Not Writing With Multiple Instruments

Do you often try to write ideas for songs using ‘only’ the instrument you are good at? Most musicians use this exact same approach and frequently struggle to think of great ideas in their songwriting. Why does this happen? When you only use one instrument for writing songs or musical ideas you not only limit yourself to the same ‘usual’ set of techniques or patterns that you are used to playing but you also limit yourself to the specific style and overall sound of the instrument itself. For example, if you always write on guitar, you will be more likely to play the same licks and phrases over and over. This will limit your music to a ‘guitar songwriting style’ that will make it difficult to write for other instruments you may want to include in your songs. Instead of doing this, choose a few additional instruments and learn how to write song ideas with them. This will open up your songwriting to a new dimension of possibilities and make you a much more well-rounded musician.

Mistake Three – Writing Music In An Overcomplicated Manner

In some cases, songwriters struggle to come up with great ideas while writing songs and decide that the solution is to ‘add more’ on top of whatever ideas they already have. These musicians have difficulty coming up with creative ideas because they are in the habit of adding on more and more until everything becomes a big mess of lackluster ideas. Songwriters who make this mistake usually take a ‘spray and pray’ approach – hoping that something will ‘stick’ and randomly sound good. Although it is certainly a good thing to experiment by combining different kinds of musical ideas together, this approach will not bring you much results.

Don’t underestimate the power of writing simple musical parts (you do not have to write things like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” of course – I don’t mean ‘that’ kind of simple). Write your music beginning with a very basic idea that sounds pretty cool without worrying about how complicated it sounds. For instance, a short, but cool sounding chord progression or ‘motif’. Later on, you can add onto this idea to make it more complex if you like, but at very least if you start off with an idea that sounds good you can always go back to it if you start to dislike the direction it is going in. Additionally, taking a more simple approach will give you a major boost in momentum that will help you along in your quest to come up with tons of great ideas for songwriting. Find out how to write complex, yet creative songwriting ideas by downloading this free musician’s guide on how to create great music.

Mistake Four – Not Practicing Your Songwriting And Measuring Progress

So many musicians never improve at songwriting or think of good ideas for songwriting because they don’t think to actually ‘practice’ or measure their progress. For some reason, the majority of songwriters falsely think that creating music is a skill that one doesn’t practice since it has to do with creativity/self-expression. This thinking is totally backwards! Some musicians create a lot of music, but do not have any effective strategies in place for getting better at songwriting and improving their ability to consistently think of new ideas. Similar to how you would construct a practice routine for practicing your main instrument, you must also ‘practice’ songwriting and consistently measure your progress in order to get better. That said, you don’t have to write a whole song in order to improve your songwriting (using this approach may actually take you longer to see in results). Alternatively, target the exact areas you would like to get better at in your songwriting and focus to improve only in those areas with total dedication. When you use this approach, you will quickly become much better at coming up with ideas for writing songs because you will be in the habit of writing in different musical situations with different musical elements (ex: writing great melodies, choruses, vocal lines, etc.)

Now that you know what mistakes will limit your musical creativity and reduce your ability to think of new ideas for writing songs, get many more innovative songwriting ideas and find out how to write music that sounds precisely how you want it to by downloading this free guide to creating great sounding music.

About The Author:

Ryan Buckner is a professional guitarist and composer with many years of experience writing informative articles on the topics of guitar playing, music theory and songwriting technique. On his songwriting lessonswebsite, he shows musicians how to write better music by learning the process of putting together the parts of a song.

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