The Fastest Way To Become A Highly Successful Guitar Teacher

Author: Tom Hess

Author: Tom Hess

Answer This: How are climbing to the summit of the highest mountain in the world and becoming a massively successful guitar teacher related?

Here’s how:

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1. Only a small percentage of people have accomplished either of these things

2. Anyone who has ever climbed the highest mountain in the world (Mt. Everest) without any training or guidance has either failed or died. The only ones who made it were the people who got trained by an expert on how to do it. Similarly, those who have tried to build successful guitar teaching businesses without expert training also fail – while successful guitar teachers virtually always work together with a trainer.

3. Reaching the summit of Mt. Everest is a truly unique, life-altering experience that will give you a kind of satisfaction that very few people will ever know. Similarly, developing a massively successful guitar teaching business will give you a huge sense of satisfaction in terms of personal fulfillment and freedom… There’s nothing quite like having the leading guitar teaching business in your area and changing the musical lives of hundreds of students.

What Does This Have To Do With You Becoming A Successful Guitar Teacher?

Starting right now, I’d like you to imagine that reaching your goals as a guitar teacher as climbing to the top of Mt. Everest. On the summit of the mountain is a glowing chest. Once opened, this will give you the power to attain any goals you have for your guitar teaching business, like: earning $100,000+ per year, producing incredible musicians through your teaching and gaining tons of freedom to use your time for achieving great things in your music career.

If you were aware that the only thing you needed to do to get these things was climb to the top of the mountain and open the chest, would you do it? Assuming you WOULD, you must do everything within your power to reach the summit in as little time as possible.

Of course, no one would attempt to climb to the top of Mt. Everest without the guidance of an experienced trainer and expect to succeed (or survive). Likewise, trying to develop a successful guitar teaching business with zero training will lead you down the exact same path of failure.

Why Do Guitar Teachers Fail When They Try To Figure Everything Out By Themselves?

Becoming the most successful guitar teacher around takes a lot more than just music teaching skills. All guitar teachers who have achieved massive success do so by working on becoming ‘excellent’ in these seven areas:

  • Receiving 100’s of lesson inquiries annually from interested prospective students
  • Helping potential students understand that YOU are the #1 guitar teacher for them
  • Retaining guitar students for years at a time because your teaching consistently gets big results for them
  • Building your guitar teaching business using referrals and word of mouth marketing
  • Being able to easily attract ‘former’ students to get them to take lessons with you again
  • Understanding how to take care of everyday guitar teaching tasks so you can have more time for yourself and your students
  • Getting much bigger and better RESULTS for your students than anyone else by expanding your guitar teaching effectiveness

Each of these things requires you to build a certain set of skills and bypass specific obstacles, just as reaching the summit of Mt. Everest requires a working knowledge of a variety of skills. Most guitar teachers who try to build their businesses without training fail in the following ways:

1. They begin teaching guitar with zero awareness of the above 7 areas.

2. They don’t understand ‘what’ they must do to grow in these areas or ‘how’ to do it.

My intention is not to scare you with this information. Instead, I’m simply letting you know the reality of what it takes to become a successful guitar teacher (from my years of experience mentoring guitar teachers just like you).

The truth is, it’s fairly easy to learn the steps for becoming highly successful in the 7 areas mentioned above (anyone can do it). Additionally, all the challenges that guitar teachers come up against can be overcome with proper coaching, training and mentoring.

If you have not yet reached your goals as a guitar teacher, understand it’s not because you lack potential, live in a bad economy or any other excuses that most guitar teachers make. You are having a hard time because you are looking up from the base of the mountain, wondering how you can climb it without an understanding of which step to take first. You need a proven and experienced trainer who will guide you every step of the way as you are climbing the mountain until you reach the top… where the chest awaits you.

To begin your ascent of the mountain, get guitar teacher success training.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a professional guitar teacher, composer, and the guitarist. He shows guitar teachers how to become highly successful with his guitar teaching program. Visit to receive additional free guitar teaching advice and to learn how to effectively teach guitar.

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