Improve Your Songwriting With One Simple Trick

Author: Ed Cupler


How does someone develop into a songwriter? Is it a natural talent, or is it a skill that anyone can learn? How many songs do I have to have written before I can call myself a songwriter? And where am I to start? All these questions will be answered here today.

Popular media would like to have you think that good songwriters are born with a special gift. And a lot of people will believe this to be true for a couple reasons. One being that a lot of songwriters like to create this mysterious image about themselves. They would like it to seem as though their music comes to them effortlessly, rather than through countless sleepless nights.

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Another reason is that every songwriter experiences challenges that they have to overcome in the beginning. But the thing is, not every person chooses to overcome those challenges. Instead they justify giving up by telling themselves “I guess I just wasn’t born with that special gift.” In actuality, all it takes is getting through those handful of bad days to start really seeing capable you are.

Since we now can agree that you have everything is takes to become a great songwriter, what should you do next? Well reading this article is a perfect place to start. It proves you are staying curious about your craft (which is good!), and that somewhere deep inside there is most likely a hit song just waiting to come out.

Now all we need to do is figure out how to find that hit song that is hiding deep inside.

Well luckily there is a certain technique that will quickly show improvements in your writing. It is easy to practice and keeps the fun in songwriting. You will no longer dread putting that pencil to paper for composition time.

While this skill is not hard to learn, I have seen it be misused plenty of times before. This leads musicians to convince themselves is not worth knowing or working on.

Alright by now you are probably shouting at the screen “Okay so what is this great skill you are talking about??” I explain this skill in great detail in the following video. Please take time to watch this video all the way through as I explain important tools you can use in your next songwriting session.

As it now should be apparent, the skill of songwriting is more attainable than you may have once thought. With anything, it takes a bit of practice everyday. And remembering to enjoy the time spent practicing your writing, because you do like doing, right? Just remember the ideas I shared with you in this video, and you will quickly see what a capable songwriter you truly are.

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Tommaso Zillio is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. Visit Tommaso’s site to know more about music theory for guitar.

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