Four Keys To Creating A Perfect Guitar Practice Routine

Author: Tom Hess

Author: Tom Hess

How do you feel after practicing guitar for hours and only making very little progress at best? Do you know why you are struggling to improve your guitar playing despite spending a lot of time practicing?

I used to struggle with this problem too, but after years of testing different approaches on my own (and helping hundreds of students improve their guitar playing) I realized that maximizing the results you get from practice requires 4 crucial elements. These are the 4 key elements of a perfect guitar practice routine:

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How To Use The Guitar Playing Progress Loop

Key #1: Highly Efficient Guitar Practice Scheduling

These are the common groups that most guitar players are in when it comes to using guitar practice schedules:

1. Guitar players who are always seeking one practice schedule that will turn them into great guitarists.

2. Guitar players who think practice routines are dull and futile.

None of them understand how practicing guitar really works and this causes them to continue struggling to achieve results in their guitar playing.

The BEST guitar practice schedules (when created properly) are both enjoyable and effective since they are based on your own practicing habits and guitar playing goals. Learn how to design your own effective guitar practice schedule by reading this article about the best way to practice guitar.

I’ll tell you a secret: Regardless of how effective a particular practice schedule works for you today, it won’t work forever. Notice that whenever you improve your guitar skills, you also need to update your practice schedule. You must create a strategy that allows you to adjust your practice schedule whenever your skills, needs and goals evolve. Check out this page about how to build guitar practice schedules and learn how do this in the easiest way possible.

Key #2: Train With The Best Quality Guitar Practice Materials… That Are PROVEN To Bring Big Results

Having the best practice schedule is a critical step for making progress, but it won’t make you a better guitar player if you use poor materials (like “lessons” from amateur guitar teachers / YouTube videos). Without the best practice materials, you simply can’t get any better at guitar.

To distinguish poor guitar practicing materials from great ones (the ones that apply to you and your specific guitar playing goals) you need to know this:

1. The finest materials aren’t created in isolation. They need to be coordinated into a strategy built especially for you and your musical goals (this is one reason why the vast majority of YouTube content is excluded).

2. The best materials are given to you by an experienced guitar teacher. You identify an expert guitar teacher not by looking at his / her playing skills, but at the skills of his / her guitar students. The better students a guitar teacher has, the better the chances are that he / she will give you high quality practice materials.

Learn more about how to find the right guitar exercises.

Block #3: Practicing Guitar With Strong Focus

If you find your practice routine filled with pointless guitar exercises, it won’t matter how much time you invest into it… you just won’t get any results. If you aren’t focused during practice and you get distracted every few seconds, you are only “playing”. Playing, though it is fun, doesn’t help you improve in a big way. A focused mind is essential for making significant improvement during your practice time.

Take for example a magnifying glass: with a little patience you can use a tiny beam of sunlight to create fire – THAT is the power of “concentration”, and that is the same power of a focused mind.

Once you know how to practice guitar with this kind of focus, you can start achieving huge results even if you have limited guitar practice time.

To see an example of what it means to practice guitar with intense focus, watch the video below:

Key #4: Being Consistent In Your Guitar Practicing (It’s Not What You Think)

Being consistent not only means “practicing guitar every day”, it means consistently implementing all the key elements of a highly effective guitar practice routine. Becoming a great guitar player is the result of consistent practice over the long term.

The secret for practicing guitar consistently is always keeping in mind the REASONS why you practice guitar and why you want to become a great guitar player. Continuously remind yourself how great it will be when you finally become the guitarist you want to be. This will drive you to do whatever you need to do to make it happen, and help you stick to your practice routine.

All of these items build upon each other and create what I call the “guitar playing progress loop”. Improve each item of the loop and you’ll achieve fast results in your guitar playing.

To test how much you know about practicing guitar correctly, take this assessment about creating guitar practice routines.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a very successful guitar trainer and recording musician. He assists people from all over the world in his rock guitar lessons online. Check out his website to get free guitar playing tools and to read more guitar playing articles.

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