How To Put A Successful Band Together

Author: Ed Cupler

The key to success in your rock band is knowing how to find the right musicians. In reality, there are many musicians out there who are not ready for a music career. These people are generally lacking in dedication and motivation (who will ruin your chances of success in music). If you add these people as band members, you are making a huge mistake for the future of your band. Here are some key points that your band needs to keep in mind:

Guitarist / Music Instructor Tom Hess
Rule No.1: If you are in the company of band members who are truly success minded, there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish.

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Rule No.2: If your band is full of musicians who do not have a strong commitment to a successful music career, then it is very unlikely that you will accomplish anything significant in the music industry.

Rule No.3: The majority of people who want to join your band will be all talk and no results! Very few musicians are truly dedicated and motivated to achieve success in the music industry. If you run into these types of musicians, you will quickly realize that they are willing to talk about doing big things, but in reality are not mentally prepared to go above and beyond simply ‘playing music’. This will not help your band, so avoid these people.

Rule No.4: Building a highly successful band means going above and beyond what other bands are willing to do in terms of effort. Most bands do not make it BIG, because some of the members in the band are not as dedicated as the others. In fact, this happens to bands who have already made a name for themselves as well. If your band contains one or more members who are NOT actively doing their part to help out, this can have a very negative effect on the band’s future as a whole. Whenever you notice that these people are not working as hard as everyone else, talk to them about it immediately. Give them a single opportunity to turn their behavior around. If they do not change for the better (very soon), kick them out of the band.

Here is a great quote from Pat O’Bryan:

“It is shocking to see the overwhelming amount of musicians, artists, and entertainers who just wait around for somebody to GIVE them the opportunity of a lifetime while they follow along with whatever other musicians, artists, and entertainers are doing.

“Unfortunately it is a case of the blind following the blind in a never-ending cycle. Not a very successful plan, but for some reason it is the most popular.”

Rule No.5: Some musicians make for excellent band members from a purely musical standpoint. However, it is a very common situation that talented musicians actually prevent their band from making progress in music. This is because talented musicians (like any musician) can still be the ‘wrong’ people for your band. If you want to achieve great success with your band, you will need to focus on the wider scope of where the band is going. This means, if someone is the wrong person for your band, you need to let them go (even if they can ‘play’ great).

Rule No.6: Finding the right band members may sometimes seem like an impossible task. However, remember that the most dedicated musicians are also looking for you at the same time that you are looking for them. These people are also going through the same difficulties as you, and share the same desire to play in a successful band as you do.

Rule No.7: There are many bands that have already achieved high success in music who are unsatisfied with some of their current band members. It is a mistake to assume that because a band is already successful, they are not actively looking to find the right musicians. It is very possible that people from these bands could join with your band instead or even that you could replace a member in their band.

It is certainly a big challenge to find the right musicians for your band. Do not be discouraged. Keep your motivation by thinking about what it will be like when you have finally put together a band full of all the right musicians. Your band will have action-oriented team players who are highly motivated, and dedicated to success…With all these pieces in place, your band will able to accomplish anything in the music business!

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About the author:
Tom Hess is a professional guitarist, touring musician, and member of the epic power metal band Rhapsody Of Fire. He also coaches musicians to reach success in their music careers and has teamed up with Alex Staropoli and Draven Grey to create a rock band success training program to help rock bands from around the world succeed in the music business. On his website you will find many music career articles, resources, and tips for rock bands or solo artists.

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